Wireless CRB Machine / Scrubber Drier

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New Wireless CRB SCRUBBER!
Available in 25CM or 35CM this innovative new machine takes carpet & floor cleaning to a new level.
Twin, counter rotating brushes feeding into a collection tank mean this is a very versatile machine. It can be used to pre-scrub carpets, or scrub and clean hard floors.
With a 4 litre clean chemical tank it can deliver extra cleaning power where you need it most, and with its 1 Hour, wire-free runtime cleaning has never been easier.
Batteries take as little as 90 mins to fully charge, and extra batteries are available for longer operations.
Carpet brushes come fitted as standard and can be changed or maintained in seconds with a simple push rod clip.
Soft Wool carpets and Hard scrubbing brushes are also available as an optional extra for those with more diverse cleaning businesses.

On our tests in a busy day, the Average carpet cleaner would only need one battery to easily see through their carpet agitation needs!

Available 3-5 Working days from order

For More Information Please Call 0161 706 1212

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25cm with 1 Battery & Battery Charger, 25cm with 2 Batteries & Battery Charger, 35cm with 1 Battery & Battery Charger, 35cm with 2 Batteries & Battery Charger


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