Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse

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Description: Wingman

Soar above cleaning challenges with Combat Clean’s Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse. Formulated in the aerodromes of cleanliness warfare, this top-gun rinse flies in formation with your cleaning regimen, neutralising residue and guarding against the dreaded enemy – carpet browning.


Key Features:

  • Aerial Precision Cleaning: Deploy the Wing Man for a meticulous, fly-by finish, ensuring no alkaline residues remain to tarnish your carpet’s appearance.
  • Anti-Browning Squadron: With strategic anti-browning action, this acid rinse ensures that the carpet remains vibrant, preventing unsightly discolouration from dampness or wicking.
  • Carpet Airspace Dominance: Expertly calibrated for various types of carpet theatres, ensuring optimal results from home runways to commercial tarmacs.
  • Supersonic Action Formula: Crafted for rapid deployment, ensuring immediate neutralisation of residues and prevention of browning.

Deployment Instructions:

  • Pre-Flight Check: Shake well before each aerial cleaning mission.
  • Airborne Command Acid Rinse Agent: Mix 10ml per 1 Lire of water in solution tank and rinse.
  • Airborne Command Anti Brown Agent: Mix 1 Litre per 1 Litre of water apply directly to stain or area and rinse with water.
  • Patrol and Protect: Ensure comprehensive coverage, allowing  Wing man to effectively neutralise and defend.

Safety Protocols:

  • Hangar Protocols: Store securely away from unauthorised ground crew, children, and pets.
  • Pilot Caution: Ensure protection against direct contact with eyes.
  • In case of aerial turbulence (contact), initiate emergency descent (rinse thoroughly) and radio in for medic dispatch (seek medical attention).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse as your trusted ally, you’re not just finishing a cleaning run; you’re guaranteeing a safe landing free from residues and browning threats. Take to the skies, protect your carpet terrain, and return to base with a mission accomplished banner.

Combat Clean Wing Man Msds

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4 reviews for Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse

  1. cutlorsservices

    For the price you pay for this after the first job it’s paid for itself. Great product great smells

  2. chris

    Smells amazing, brilliant rinse !


    Great value, amazing smell.

  4. Exceed Cleaning

    Great smell, Great rinse and good value for money,

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