Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse

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Description: Wingman

Soar above cleaning challenges with Combat Clean’s Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse. Formulated in the aerodromes of cleanliness warfare, this top-gun rinse flies in formation with your cleaning regimen, neutralising residue and guarding against the dreaded enemy – carpet browning.


Key Features:

  • Aerial Precision Cleaning: Deploy the Wing Man for a meticulous, fly-by finish, ensuring no alkaline residues remain to tarnish your carpet’s appearance.
  • Anti-Browning Squadron: With strategic anti-browning action, this acid rinse ensures that the carpet remains vibrant, preventing unsightly discolouration from dampness or wicking.
  • Carpet Airspace Dominance: Expertly calibrated for various types of carpet theatres, ensuring optimal results from home runways to commercial tarmacs.
  • Supersonic Action Formula: Crafted for rapid deployment, ensuring immediate neutralisation of residues and prevention of browning.

Deployment Instructions:

  • Pre-Flight Check: Shake well before each aerial cleaning mission.
  • Airborne Command Acid Rinse Agent: Mix 10ml per 1 Lire of water in solution tank and rinse.
  • Airborne Command Anti Brown Agent: Mix 1 Litre per 1 Litre of water apply directly to stain or area and rinse with water.
  • Patrol and Protect: Ensure comprehensive coverage, allowing  Wing man to effectively neutralise and defend.

Safety Protocols:

  • Hangar Protocols: Store securely away from unauthorised ground crew, children, and pets.
  • Pilot Caution: Ensure protection against direct contact with eyes.
  • In case of aerial turbulence (contact), initiate emergency descent (rinse thoroughly) and radio in for medic dispatch (seek medical attention).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Wing Man Heavy Duty Acid Rinse as your trusted ally, you’re not just finishing a cleaning run; you’re guaranteeing a safe landing free from residues and browning threats. Take to the skies, protect your carpet terrain, and return to base with a mission accomplished banner.

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