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War hammer carpet cleaning solution has been developed for use on commercial cleaning of restaurants, pubs and offices. Also works amazing on residential synthetic carpets and upholstery.
The best all round pre-spray in our range, for multi purpose use.

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Works from just 10ml per litre. Woolsafe at 10ml Per litre!
PH 10.5 but can be boosted with its unbuffered formulation. Simply increase the dilution to suit the job!
For cleaning and removing traffic lanes,  ground in or embedded dirt.
Highly effective on ALL soil types, due to its hybrid enzyme and solvent formulation.
Can be used as a spot cleaner for carpet cleaning.
Specially formulated for use on both protein based soiling and Oil based soiling.
Want to skip agitation and long dwell times? Pair with Berserker high alkaline rinse for UNSTOPPABLE cleaning power.

Make cleaning EASY!
This product was intelligently designed to use solvents to penetrate the surface soiling, Then embed enzymes underneath. This means that the enzymes penetrate much deeper, Faster than competitive products. Utilising your dwell time where it counts, and emulsifying the layer underneath the surface.
When stacked side by side this product smashes the competition out of the park – But don’t take our word for it!

Application for use:

Pump-Sprayers: Fill Your Sprayer just over the halfway mark with water, then add 30ml per 1 Litre of water. Fill Sprayer with water. Extremely Heavy Soiling: 60ml per 1 Litre.

Inline Sprayers: Fill your sprayer just over the halfway mark with water, then add 1.5 Litres of chemical. Fill sprayer with water.

Spray Area: Using a liberal amount of product, making overlapping passes. Allow 10-15 minutes Dwell time or Scrub Carpet / Upholstery / Floor. Rinse Extract.

Spot Cleaner: Mix your sprayer at 50% water 50% chemical. 1:1.

Spot cleaner application: Using a conservative amount of product, use a tamping brush to agitate, and a white terry towel or cloth to remove stain. Extract residue.

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8 reviews for WAR HAMMER – High Performance Pre-spray

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample pack to try out the Njord range and was blown away by War Hammer and how it just makes the dirt start to disappear before I’ve even started extraction! 100% recommend this product!

  2. John

    The best all round pre-spray BY FAR!
    Wow this product has changed my life I spray the carpet, by the time machine is set up the customer thinks I’ve finished! Amazing with berzerker 5 Stars

  3. Marek

    I ordered this product after seeing hundreds of posts online. I must say I’m extremely impressed. I have been cleaning for 20 years and this is far superior to anything else I’ve used. Almost gets rid of spotting entirely. Removes everything you throw at it! Customer service is top notch too. Thanks again

  4. Nathan Shockwell

    The best prespray around! If you haven’t tried it you are missing out!

  5. Plamen

    Great stuff, absolutely smashing it!

  6. James bonitee

    I have followed Njord and their customers for some time now. I actually didn’t think they were going to be anything other than a huge hype. MORE FOOL ME! I GABE War Hammer a go as it seemed to be every Njord shoppers go to, even when it was powder form…


    I am a fool for not being a njord-believer and so are you if you’re on the fence.
    DO IT!!! Your carpet cleaning life will be different for the best and you will never look back!!!

  7. James bonitee

    Skeptical. Wrong
    Listened to negative people. Wrong (haters)
    Tried it. Let’s go!
    I will NEVER look back!

  8. Paul mason (verified owner)

    Great chems , makes life that little bit easier

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