War Hammer Carpet Cleaning Solution Our Flagship Pre-Spray:

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Our Flagship Pre-Spray: War Hammer Carpet Cleaning Solution

Embark on a transformative cleaning journey with War Hammer, our meticulously crafted flagship pre-spray designed for versatile application in both commercial and residential spaces. Tailored for use in restaurants, pubs, offices, and on synthetic carpets and upholstery, War Hammer stands out as the paramount all-round pre-spray in our range.

Ultimate Versatility:

Unleash War Hammer’s unmatched results across various settings, from bustling restaurants to cozy residential spaces. Safely and effectively engineered for use on synthetic carpets and upholstery.

Witness the Power:

Explore the extraordinary results of War Hammer in action through our Results Video: Results Video

Efficient Application Guidelines:

  • Remarkably effective from just 10ml per litre, achieving Woolsafe status at 10ml per litre.
  • Boasting a pH of 10.5, its unbuffered formulation allows easy adjustment to suit specific cleaning needs.
  • Tailored for eliminating traffic lanes, ground-in, or embedded dirt with remarkable efficiency.
  • Highly effective on all soil types, thanks to its hybrid enzyme and solvent formulation.
  • Doubles as a targeted spot cleaner for precise carpet cleaning.
  • Specially formulated to address both protein-based and oil-based soiling.

Unstoppable Cleaning Power:

Optimize your cleaning routine by pairing War Hammer with Berserker high alkaline rinse to skip agitation and reduce dwell times, unlocking unparalleled cleaning power.

Smart Design for Seamless Cleaning:

  • Intelligently utilizes solvents for penetrating surface soiling, followed by embedding enzymes underneath.
  • Ensures deeper and faster penetration compared to competitive products.
  • Emulsifies layers underneath the surface during the dwell time.
  • Stacks up against the competition and surpasses expectations.

Application Guidelines for Maximum Impact:


  1. Fill your sprayer just over halfway with water.
  2. Add 30ml per 1 litre of water.
  3. For extremely heavy soiling: Utilize 60ml per 1 litre.

Inline Sprayers:

  1. Fill your sprayer just over halfway with water.
  2. Incorporate 1.5 litres of chemical.
  3. Generously spray, making overlapping passes.

Spot Cleaner:

  1. Mix your sprayer at 50% water, 50% chemical (1:1).
  2. Apply conservatively, agitate with a tamping brush.
  3. Use a white terry towel to remove stains and extract residue for a spotless finish.

Experience the ease of cleaning with War Hammer – your go-to solution for powerful and efficient carpet cleaning. Elevate your cleaning routine and achieve a refreshed space with the dynamic capabilities of War Hammer.

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28 reviews for War Hammer Carpet Cleaning Solution Our Flagship Pre-Spray:

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    I ordered a sample pack to try out the Njord range and was blown away by War Hammer and how it just makes the dirt start to disappear before I’ve even started extraction! 100% recommend this product!

  2. John

    The best all round pre-spray BY FAR!
    Wow this product has changed my life I spray the carpet, by the time machine is set up the customer thinks I’ve finished! Amazing with berzerker 5 Stars

  3. Marek

    I ordered this product after seeing hundreds of posts online. I must say I’m extremely impressed. I have been cleaning for 20 years and this is far superior to anything else I’ve used. Almost gets rid of spotting entirely. Removes everything you throw at it! Customer service is top notch too. Thanks again

  4. Nathan Shockwell

    The best prespray around! If you haven’t tried it you are missing out!

  5. Plamen

    Great stuff, absolutely smashing it!

  6. James bonitee

    I have followed Njord and their customers for some time now. I actually didn’t think they were going to be anything other than a huge hype. MORE FOOL ME! I GABE War Hammer a go as it seemed to be every Njord shoppers go to, even when it was powder form…


    I am a fool for not being a njord-believer and so are you if you’re on the fence.
    DO IT!!! Your carpet cleaning life will be different for the best and you will never look back!!!

  7. James bonitee

    Skeptical. Wrong
    Listened to negative people. Wrong (haters)
    Tried it. Let’s go!
    I will NEVER look back!

  8. Paul mason (verified owner)

    Great chems , makes life that little bit easier

  9. jack.winks.cc

    The most versatile pre spray available and can be mixed at spotter strengths to be used in many different situations! Smells great too.

  10. kyleoneill43

    Wow. What can you say about Warhammer. So versatile. The fragrance is out of this work 9/10 of customers comment on how amazing this product. Also the dilution rate ls are insane. This last 10x longer than anything I’ve ever used before. Pride of carpets Ltd 😊🧼

  11. publication (verified owner)

    This is honestly the best Synthetic pre spray on the market, all others are now shelved until this runs out which i think should never happen.

  12. psivrev

    Absolutely amazing product. Usually whatever stains there are on the carpet, they disappear as soon as the carpet is sprayed on and no need for spot-treatment, nor even to agitate, saving me so much time! Dilution rates are also insane- I bought a 25L can 2 years ago and still more than half full.

  13. abbeymay1804

    My go to on synthetic carpets! Even on very heavily soiled, does the job really well!!

  14. cutlorsservices

    The first thing I turn to when I need to get rid of a stain.

  15. streetmann600

    This is my go to pre-spray just love it cuts through most things smells great works great fab products

  16. cleanfreshcarpets.uk (verified owner)

    Wharhammer is my everyday pre-spray! Best product I’ve ever tried, I wouldn’t look back ever.

  17. inandoutcarpetdoctors (verified owner)

    War hammer something I stock plenty of. Since having combat clean i don’t use it as much but when I take it out I know there is way to be some serious results. I will spray a carpet and by time its dwelled most time without agitate it leaves carpets looking new.

  18. enquiries-8221

    My every day spray saves the day every time. War Hammer always gets comments from customers smells amazing but also backed up by the power.

  19. chris

    The best pre-spray iv ever used.
    The smell is incredible

  20. Wayne @ Xtremeclean (verified owner)

    War Hammer Carpet Pre-Spray has been a game changer in my cleaning routine, especially for tackling those stubborn stains and high-traffic areas. From the moment I used it, I could see the difference it made. It doesn’t just clean; it revitalises carpets, leaving them looking refreshed and vibrant. What impressed me the most was its effectiveness against a wide range of stains – from pet accidents to spilled wine. It’s easy to use, and a little goes a long way, making it cost-effective. Plus, it has a pleasant smell, unlike some other harsh cleaners I’ve tried in the past. I highly recommend War Hammer Carpet Pre-Spray to anyone looking to enhance their carpet cleaning process. It truly delivers on its promises, making it a staple in my cleaning arsenal.

  21. dylanhowe1998 (verified owner)

    My first ever purchase from NJORD and instantly had me hooked. This is my everyday pre-spray for synthetic carpets but can also still be used on wool carpets at 10ml/L. Quality product!

  22. james

    The all in one pre spray good to heavy hit and can use on wool at correct dilution

  23. nataliacarpetsheriff.co.uk

    Excellent quality product and total game changer. Customers are impressed with the results.

  24. Exceed Cleaning

    The stuff that puts the hammer down.. A great all round pre-spray covers a lot of basis and always been very pleased with its results, not to mention the great smell! id never not have it in the arsenal!

  25. gleamgurus

    Probably the main one in the arsenal. Works wonders beyond what it says

  26. thedeepcleanersuk (verified owner)

    I use as a spot cleaner on stubborn stains as well as occasionally using as a pre spray. Always gets the job done. Had some tricky grease stains a few weeks back and war hammer ate straight through it!

  27. Flawless Cleaning

    Nothing is as versatile as this. It really is the one to use on synthetics. Over the years I’ve tried many different products from all the big suppliers and nothing hits like Warhammer. One thing I hate is spotting after I’ve cleaned. Warhammer practically eradicates this. Smells great too.

  28. platinumcleannortheast.co.uk (verified owner)

    The best all round pre spray money can buy in my opinion. Great on a variety of stains and marks great as a spotter and also wool safe.

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