Valhalla - Safe HD Solvent Pre-Spray For Wool & Upholstery



Heavenly Results.

Wool safe HD Solvent Pre-spray.
Next generation cleaning power for carpet, Upholstery and rug cleaning.
Works amazing on fibres that are reactive to high alkaline products.
Fast dwell times and can be paired with Aftermath rinse to bolster your cleaning power.

Extremely effective on carbon, grease and oil based stains.

Valhalla works extremely effectively on thick oils and greases .
Free rinsing without leaving any harmful residues, and will not affect stain guards or stain resistant carpets.

Ideal for residential cleaning and protecting home owners investments.

Application for use:
Pump sprayers: Fill Your Sprayer just over the halfway mark, then add 60ml per 1 Litre of warm or cold water. Top up with water. Extremely Heavy Soiling: 250ml per 1 Litre.

Inline sprayers: Fill your Sprayer just over the halfway mark, then add 2 Litres of chemical. Fill sprayer with water.

Spray area: Using a liberal amount of product, making overlapping passes. Allow 5 minutes Dwell time or Scrub Carpet / Upholstery. Rinse Extract.

Spot cleaner: Mix your sprayer at 50% water 50% chemical. 1:1. Spray area using a conservative amount of product, use a tamping brush to agitate, and a white terry towel or cloth to remove stain. Extract residue.

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