Unstoppable Pack

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Grab the ultimate unstoppable combination for smashing heavy soiling! Our high performance hybrid pre-spray is effective on all soil types. When couple with the ultimate heavy duty detergent it creates a unique synergy that works hand in hand!

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2x1L, 2X6L, 2 X10L

4 reviews for Unstoppable Pack

  1. chris

    Perfect combination for them bad jobs. Cuts through greese like a hot knife cutting through butter !

  2. chris

    Used this Combination on a Chinese shop stairway. It blew both my mind and the customers. 10 years worth of fat and cooking oil on the stairs and it came up brand new, saving the customer the cost of a new carpet!

  3. cutlorsservices

    This combo is the go to for dirty carpets absolutely smashes the granny out of the job! Defo a combo I use alot.

  4. Exceed Cleaning

    Absolutely Smashes dirt, heavy traffic lanes, it just eats it all. a powerful combo for tougher jobs.

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