Ultimate Wool Carpet Pack

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Experience Wool Perfection with Draugr Pre-Spray and Aftermath Rinse Duo Ultimate Wool Carpet Pack

Elevate your wool carpet care routine with the ultimate Wool Carpet Pack WOOLSAFE cleaning combination featuring Draugr Pre-Spray and Aftermath Rinse. This powerful duo, crafted specifically for wool fibers, promises remarkable and consistent results without compromising the integrity of the fibers or stain guard.

Preserving Wool Elegance: The WOOLSAFE Advantage

Wool carpets exude elegance, demanding specialized care to maintain their pristine appearance. Draugr Pre-Spray and Aftermath Rinse are meticulously formulated to address the unique needs of wool fibers, ensuring a thorough clean while preserving the carpet’s natural beauty.

Draugr Pre-Spray: Gentle Power Unleashed

  • Specially crafted for wool carpets, Draugr Pre-Spray is a heavy-hitting yet gentle solution.
  • Advanced cleaning agents penetrate deep into the fibers, effectively lifting dirt and grime without causing harm.
  • Engineered to maintain the integrity of wool fibers, Draugr Pre-Spray ensures a long-lasting and vibrant appearance.

Aftermath Rinse: Precision Stain Protection

  • Tackling stains on wool carpets requires finesse, and Aftermath Rinse is up to the task.
  • This targeted solution is designed to remove stains without leaving a trace, preserving the stain guard properties of your wool carpet.
  • Whether it’s spills, spots, or stubborn stains, Aftermath Rinse ensures that your wool carpet remains a beacon of elegance.

Consistency in Excellence: The Ultimate Promise

Achieving amazing and consistent results becomes a reality with the Draugr Pre-Spray and Aftermath Rinse Duo. No more compromises between effective cleaning and wool fiber protection – this dynamic combination strikes the perfect balance.

Preserve, Protect, and Enjoy: Your Wool Carpet’s Best Friends

Draugr Pre-Spray and Aftermath Rinse are not just choices; they are a commitment to preserving the elegance and longevity of your cherished wool carpets. Elevate your cleaning experience and revel in the beauty of wool with this unparalleled cleaning combination.

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