Ultimate War And Peace Pack

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The ultimate synthetic deep cleaning combination.

The Perfect Pair:
Combined,  Njord War Hammer Carpet Prespray and Harmony Acid Rinse offer a formidable and harmonious carpet cleaning solution. The pre-spray’s aggressive cleaning action prepares the carpet for a thorough cleansing, while the acid rinse restores balance and softness, leaving your carpets looking and feeling brand new.

War Hammer Key Features:

  • Powerful cleaning agents for deep and thorough carpet cleansing.
  • Removes tough stains, grease, and dirt with ease.
  • Fast-acting formula for efficient and time-saving cleaning.

Suitable for residential and commercial use

Harmony Key Features:

  • pH-balancing formula to neutralize alkaline residues.
  • Restores carpets to their original softness and freshness.
  • Preserves colors and prevents fading.
  • Delightful fragrance for a pleasing post-cleaning scent.


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2X1L, 2X6L, 2X10L, 2x25L


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