Ultimate War And Peace Pack

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Ultimate War And Peace Pack.

The Perfect Duo for Synthetic Deep Cleaning: Njord War Hammer Carpet Pres pray and Harmony Acid Rinse

Experience the epitome of synthetic carpet deep cleaning with the powerful combination of Njord Ultimate War And Peace Pack. This perfect pair offers a formidable and harmonious solution, ensuring your carpets receive the care they deserve.

War Hammer Carpet Pre spray: Unleashing Aggressive Cleaning Power

Deep and Thorough Cleansing: War Hammer is equipped with powerful cleaning agents designed for deep and thorough carpet cleansing. Its aggressive cleaning action penetrates deep into carpet fibers, effectively removing tough stains, grease, and dirt.

Efficient and Time-Saving: The fast-acting formula of War Hammer ensures an efficient and time-saving cleaning process. Whether you’re dealing with residential or commercial carpets, this pre spray delivers outstanding results, leaving carpets refreshed and revitalized.

Harmony Acid Rinse: Restoring Balance and Softness

pH-Balancing Formula: Harmony Acid Rinse plays a crucial role in the cleaning process by providing a pH-balancing formula. This helps neutralize alkaline residues left behind by cleaning agents, ensuring your carpets maintain a healthy pH level.

Preserving Colors and Preventing Fading: Beyond balance, Harmony goes the extra mile by preserving the vibrant colors of your carpets and preventing fading.

Delightful Fragrance for a Pleasing Finish: Adding a delightful fragrance, Harmony ensures a pleasing post-cleaning scent. Say goodbye to lingering chemical odors and welcome a fresh and inviting atmosphere after every cleaning session.

The Perfect Pairing: A Harmonious Solution

Njord Ultimate War And Peace Pack is the ultimate synthetic deep cleaning combination. War Hammer prepares the carpet with its aggressive cleaning action, while Harmony restores balance, softness, and a delightful fragrance. The result is carpets that look and feel brand new, a testament to the perfect pairing of these powerful cleaning solutions.

Elevate your synthetic carpet cleaning experience with the dynamic synergy of War Hammer and Harmony – where deep cleaning meets balance and freshness.


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3 reviews for Ultimate War And Peace Pack

  1. chris

    Brilliant combo for them synthetic carpets

  2. james

    I use both of these most of the time perfect combo

  3. Exceed Cleaning

    Great duo attack on synth Carpets, smells amazing too!

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