SOLVENT SPOTTER – Supercharged Oil Based Stain Remover

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Do you find yourself struggling to remove adhesive marks, glues, tars, waxes, colours etc?

Njord’s game changing solvent spotter can provide instant results on the most difficult to shift residues and stains!

Simply spray on to a towel, agitate lightly and the stain is gone.

Works on Paint, Oil, Glue, Tar, Ink, Red and yellow stains!

Can be used as a pre  treatment, We recommend rinsing back out again.

Ready to use formula.


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15 reviews for SOLVENT SPOTTER – Supercharged Oil Based Stain Remover

  1. Sean Threlkeld

    The best spotter product in the industry bar none. This product gets it all out, even red stains which shocked me and my wife! Also very cheap compared to others.

  2. Plamen (verified owner)

    I had the chance to compare it against 2 different similar products by different suppliers and I was surprised- Dragon Fire really ate through the glue, while the other 2 hardly made a scratch! Highly recommended.

  3. Lee Owen

    Used this today for the first time from my sample pack and it done the job even on stubborn glue with a bit of patience, I’ll defo purchase this again, looking forward to trying the other products in the pack.


    I hate using solvent sprays however I keep this on the van because it’s there to pull you out of sticky situations. This deals with almost anything, when all else fails, you know solvent spotter will save the day!

  5. psivrev (verified owner)

    I have tried other solvent spotters, but they are no match to this one. Glue, chewing gum, paint, make up- it will eat it like a shot. Absolutely no idea how they made it so strong.

  6. cutlorsservices

    No stain will survive after using this. Great product and top quality results

  7. abbeymay1804

    Great stain remover for make up!!

  8. chris

    Perfect for stains and paint what’s dropped onto the carpet when decorating. Removes it instantly

  9. Wayne @ Xtremeclean (verified owner)

    SOLVENT SPOTTER – Supercharged Oil Based Stain Remover is an absolute game-changer for anyone dealing with tough stains. I was thoroughly impressed by its efficiency in tackling oil-based stains that seemed almost impossible to remove before. What stands out the most is its powerful formula; it works incredibly fast, saving me a lot of time and effort during cleaning. Unlike other stain removers I’ve used, SOLVENT SPOTTER doesn’t require multiple applications or leave behind any residue, making the cleaning process smoother and more effective. This product delivers exceptional results, proving to be a reliable solution for stubborn stains. I highly recommend SOLVENT SPOTTER to anyone in need of a potent, efficient stain remover!

  10. guybradshaw51

    Great product for your more stubborn stains paint / slime / chewing etc

  11. james

    The go to for removing ink

  12. dylanhowe1998 (verified owner)

    When everything else fails, solvent spotter comes out. Brilliant product for oil based stains. Very strong!

  13. Exceed Cleaning

    When all else fails and you need maximum attack, great on paint & make-up

  14. thedeepcleanersuk (verified owner)

    Very effective stain remover. Has removed stains that other stain removers haven’t put a dent in. It’s strong, so you also only need a a little amount to get the job done. Saving you more money in the long run!


    Excellent product, cant prise it more for results on stubborn stains.

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