Njord Sample Stack

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Discover the transformative capabilities of our Njord Sample Stack—an assortment of our advanced liquid chemistry designed for professional carpet cleaners. Dive into a comprehensive experience, receiving 1L of ALL our next-generation cleaning products along with exclusive gifts.

Included in the Njord Sample Stack are four advanced Woolsafe-approved chemicals

Comprehensive Guide with Njord’s Hardback Book

Enhance your understanding of carpet cleaning with the inclusion of Njord’s hardback book—an ultimate guide for carpet cleaners. This comprehensive resource provides insights into the intricacies of effective cleaning methods and techniques.

Power-Packed Pre-Sprays for Maximum Impact

Experience the might of six heavy-hitting pre-sprays, each infused with unparalleled cleaning power.

A Symphony of Fragrance with Premium Deodorizers

Indulge in the delightful aromas of our four premium deodorizers, presented in convenient 10ml spritzer bottles. Based on perfumes and aftershaves, these deodorizers add a touch of luxury to your cleaning process.

Next-Generation Rinses for Exceptional Results

Witness the effectiveness of our four next-generation rinses, each formulated to deliver outstanding results. Elevate your cleaning standards with rinses that ensure thorough cleaning without compromise.

Specialized Solutions for Stains and Protection

Tackle oil-based stains effortlessly with the inclusion of a solvent spotter. Safeguard cleaned surfaces with the ASGARD next-generation protector, ensuring long-lasting protection against future stains.

Complete Set of Cleaning Accessories

The Njord Sample Stack goes beyond liquids, providing you with essential cleaning accessories. Receive four spray triggers and a syringe with a tube for precise application, ensuring a seamless and efficient cleaning process.

Guidance on Dual Functionality

Detailed in our chemistry guide and book.

Luxurious Fragrances and Formulations

Our premium deodorizers are crafted based on perfumes and aftershaves.

Embark on a journey of excellence with the Njord Sample Stack—a curated selection of advanced cleaning solutions and resources designed to elevate your carpet cleaning experience. With a comprehensive array of products and exclusive gifts.

1 Hard back book of Njord – The ultimate guide for carpet cleaners.
6 Heavy Hitting Pre-Sprays with POWER!
1 Premium Deodoriser
4 Next Generation Rinses with results!
Solvent Spotter
ASGARD Next generation protector
Premium Anti Foam
Ballista Advanced Leather Cleaner
4 Spray triggers
1 Syringe with tube
1 Njord Mug

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