Premium Room Deodoriser Stack

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Welcome to the Premium Room Deodoriser Stack , where freshness meets fun and your cleaning game gets a revolutionary upgrade! With our fantastic lineup of deodorisers, get ready to leave your customers smiling from ear to ear. Let’s dive into what’s in store:

The sample stack consists of 1 Litre each of our premium room deodorisers

  • Astrid A Deodoriser: Feel the essence of DKNY Be Delicious with every spritz.
  • Dominus: Elevate your scent game with inspiration from the iconic YSL Y fragrance.
  • Sprite: Get ready for a masterpiece inspired by the sun-kissed allure of Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Mango Skin.
  • Avarice: Indulge in the rich scent of Pomegranate Noir with our premium deodoriser.
  • Hella: Dive into a daring and enchanting fragrance inspired by the sophisticated scent profile of Black Opium.
  • Horizon: Experience the strength of Tom Ford Rose Prick in our bold deodoriser.
  • Vanity: Wrap yourself in luxury with our premium deodoriser based on Cashmere Elusive.
  • Lust: Surrender to the allure of Alien perfume with our captivating deodoriser.
  • Wrath: Ignite your senses with our deodoriser based on the rich aroma of Tobacco Vanille.
  • Greed: Chase your desires with our deodoriser based on the iconic Aventus Creed.
  • Ragnar: Embark on an adventure with our daring fragrance inspired by Ragnar, drawing parallels with the evocative aroma of Dior Sauvage.

Bid farewell to pet odours, stale smoke, and mustiness, and say hello to a world of premium scents that will leave your customers swooning. With the Njord Deodoriser Stack, it’s not just about cleaning—it’s about creating an experience that your customers will rave about!

Premium Room Deodoriser Stack a must-have for every professional cleaner looking to impress. Transform mundane tasks into memorable experiences as you infuse spaces with captivating scents inspired by iconic fragrances.

Say goodbye to stubborn odours and hello to a fresh, invigorating atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. With eleven premium deodorisers to choose from, you’ll find the perfect scent for every job, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.


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