7-Inch Microfiber Pad: Your Ultimate Cleaning Choice


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7-Inch Microfiber Pad: Your Ultimate Cleaning Choice

Discover peak cleaning performance with our 7-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Pads. Designed for encapsulation or low-moisture methods, these versatile pads seamlessly integrate with the Orbi Pro and other dual-action machines for superior cleanliness on upholstery and carpets.

Ideal for Encapsulation and Low Moisture Cleaning

Crafted for excellence, our microfiber pad excel in encapsulation and low-moisture methods. Their unique construction efficiently agitates, lifts, and encapsulates dirt and stains without excessive water usage.

Advanced Agitation for Low Moisture Cleaning

Experience impactful agitation tailored for low-moisture methods. Our microfiber

These 7-Inch Microfiber Cleaning Pads pad break down and capture dirt particles, ensuring a thorough clean without excessive water – an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

Gentle on Fabrics, Tough on Stains

Designed for fabric care, our microfiber pad offer a delicate touch on upholstery and carpets. The 7-inch size and double-stitched edges provide gentle yet effective cleaning on various surfaces.

Efficient Productivity for Professionals

For professional cleaners, our microfiber pad offer unmatched efficiency. Compatibility with encapsulation and low-moisture methods means quicker drying times, enabling more clients to be served without compromising quality.

Extended Longevity with Low Moisture Methods

Utilizing our microfiber pad in encapsulation or low-moisture methods contributes to their longevity and that of your cleaning equipment. Minimizing water usage maintains pad integrity, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective tool.

Machine Washable with Low Heat Dry

Ensure durability with machine-washable convenience. Toss them in the washing machine after use, and for quick drying, choose low heat – ready for the next cleaning session in no time.

Caution – No Fabric Conditioner

For optimal performance and durability, avoid fabric conditioner. Softeners can compromise the microfiber’s natural cleaning properties, reducing its ability to attract and capture dirt effectively.


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