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Njord Chemicals Presents: The Comprehensive Carpet Repair Masterclass with The Carpet Repair Guys

Stepping into the world of carpet repair is an exhilarating journey, and who better to guide you through it than an industry veteran? Hosted by Njord Chemicals and run under the expert guidance of Richard Dannaher, this masterclass promises not only technical skills but also wisdom and insights from Richard’s extensive experience in the field.

Richard Dannaher, with years of unparalleled expertise, brings to the table a rich blend of practical knowledge and innovative techniques. Drawing from the legacy of his vast experience, Richard ensures that this course stands out as a beacon for both novices and seasoned professionals.

Participants will delve deep into the intricacies of carpet repair, understanding the nuances of identifying different types of damage, mastering the latest tools, and delivering impeccable service to clients.

But the learning journey with Richard isn’t confined to technicalities. Recognising the importance of effective marketing in this domain, a segment dedicated to strategic marketing is also interwoven into the course. As every seasoned professional understands, a successful carpet repair venture extends beyond repairs; it’s about establishing a mark in the industry, drawing in clients, and ensuring their loyalty.

For those ready to take a leap forward, an opportunity awaits to explore Carpet Guys’ specialised marketing package, aimed at giving businesses a significant boost.


Agenda for the Day:

  • 9.00am – Arrival for a 9:30am sharp start.
  • 9.30am – A Brief Overview of Carpet Repair and a preview of the enlightening day ahead.
  • 10.00am – Understanding and Meeting Client Expectations: Dive deep into how best to offer carpet repair, including the nuances of pricing.
  • 10.45am – Short Break.
  • 11.00am – Exploring the Landscape of Damage: Learn about different repair needs and the strategies for sourcing carpets when needed for repairs.
  • 12.15pm – Tools of the Trade: A comprehensive guide to the essential tools and their adept usage.
  • 13.00pm – Lunch Break.
  • 13.45pm – Practical Session: Master the art of executing successful carpet repairs.
  • 15.30pm – Short Break.
  • 15.45pm – The Business of Carpet Repair: Dive into marketing strategies and get a detailed breakdown of  The Carpet Guys’ exclusive, tried-and-tested marketing support.
  • 5.00pm – Closing Remarks and Open Floor for Questions.


Post-course, attendees will have the opportunity to tap into the ongoing support from The Carpet Repair Guys. Choose from the following tailored packages:

Option 1:

  • £49.99 Per Month
    • 12 months of phone and video support specifically for carpet repairs.
    • Please note: This support is exclusively for carpet repair advice.

Option 2:

  • £99.99 Per Month
    • Includes everything from Option 1.
    • Receive a full locally-optimized Carpet Repair Guys website and complete access to the Carpet Repair Guys branding.

Option 3:

  • £149.99 Per Month
    • Encompasses benefits of Options 1 and 2.
    • Includes full Google AdWords management.
    • A detailed consultation with our Google AdWords expert is part of the package.
    • Note: Google AdWords expenditure will be separate from the subscription fee.

Join us and embark on this transformative journey in the world of carpet repair. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or establish a mark in the industry, under the tutelage of Richard Dannaher, success is just around the corner.

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17 January 2024

3 reviews for One Day Carpet Repair Course -The Carpet Repair Guys

  1. Daniel want (verified owner)

    Fantastic course. We’ll taught and you will leave with ability to make money from repairs at a high standard

  2. Steve twist

    A superb course that leaves with the knowledge to go out there and make money. Well taught and it’s got to be a must for any carpet cleaner

  3. Kim Golding

    Really great course, highly recommend. I really enjoyed this training, I didn’t feel baffled by science and Richard really took the time to simplify everything and demonstrate the different methods of carpet repair.
    When I walked out at the end of the day I felt able to go out and deliver a carpet repair service confidently.
    Down to earth trainer, relates the course content back to what we do every day and offers a full aftercare package too! Can’t go wrong really. Booked 4 repair jobs the day after training and I now have the knowledge now to complete them.
    Thanks Richard!

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