LUST – Premium Deodoriser

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Luxurious carpet, upholstery and room deodoriser.

Premium Deodoriser based on alien perfume.

Lust is our trendy modern female scent with a floral jasmine and wood fragrance.
It’s a definite must for lust and one not to be missed.
Can be added to your pre-spray, rinse tank, sprayed at the end of the job or even re-bottled sold to your customers as a home fragrance.

100ml Per litre for a fresh fragrance.

Neat for a very long lasting powerful fragrance.

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12 reviews for LUST – Premium Deodoriser

  1. Plamen (verified owner)

    Njord’s deodorisers are absolutely fantastic! Each of them has a very distinctive scent. So far I have ordered 3 x 25 l of different ones plus the ones from the sample pack and for my customers the lovely smell comes as a shock; very different from the synthetic smell, usually associated with the cleaning products.

  2. abbeymay1804

    Unreal! Absolutely love the smell of it!


    I use this deodoriser in mainly elderly customers homes, it’s not as in your face as some of the others. Very pleasant and liked by everybody.

  4. avcscleaningsolutions

    Best deodorised I’ve ever smelt in my life! Everyone loves it! It’s my go to!

  5. chris

    Hard to beat the smell of lust! The customers love it

  6. cutlorsservices

    Customers love the smell of lust. Top smell too product

  7. james

    Very nice smell , customer always say it smells great.

  8. psivrev (verified owner)

    It absolutely smells divine. The quality of all Njord deodorisers is absolutely outstanding .


    Amazing smell long lasting

  10. thedeepcleanersuk (verified owner)

    My most popular deodoriser in the last year that i’ve been purchasing from njord. A sweet kind of flowery smell that, where even at a lower dilution rate, had clients messaging me back nearly 3 weeks later to say they could still smell it in the room!

  11. Exceed Cleaning

    This smells amazing, Njord’s deodorisers are just top of the business.

  12. cutlorsservices

    Every woman loves the smell of this! And so do I. A must have in the van plus the upsell is where you make your money!

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