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March into the theatre of odours with Combat Clean’s Tactical Linen Bomb Odour Clear. Engineered at the frontlines of scent warfare, this powerful ally pushes back against the relentless advance of unwanted smells, safeguarding your quarters with the crispness of freshly laundered linens.

Key Features:

  • Operation Linen Shield: Unleash a powerful salvo of fresh linen scent, neutralising the opposition and establishing a pristine, clean-smelling stronghold.
  • Fortified Duration: Strategically designed for extended defence, ensuring your perimeter stays free of intrusive odours throughout long campaigns.
  • All-Terrain Formula: From the barracks to the command tent, and even the home front, Tactical Linen Bomb stands guard, ensuring a refreshing and invigorating environment.
  • Rapid Response to Odour Threats: Advanced formula ensures immediate neutralisation of offensive odours.

Deployment Instructions:

Recon: Shake well before use
Engage As Deodoriser : Mix 20ml Per Litre of water in solution tank
Engage As After Spray : Mix 150ml Per Litre of water, spray a light mist over area
Maintain Perimeter: Avoid direct spray on food, comrades, or foliage.

Safety Protocols:

  • Store in a secured location, inaccessible to unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
  • Defend eyes from direct contact.
  • In case of breaches (contact), initiate washout procedures (rinse thoroughly) and call for medevac (medical attention).

After Action Report:

With Combat Clean’s Tactical Linen Bomb Odour Clear, you’re not merely dispelling odours; you’re executing a strategic operation to remove not mask for unparalleled freshness. Defend your environment, fortify your space, and stand tall with the essence of victory.

Accolades :

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