KRAKEN – High Power VLM Pre-Spray

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Kraken Encapsulating Pre-Spray

Unveiling Nano-Formulated Brilliance

Embark on a transformative journey with Kraken, the pinnacle of nano-formulated encapsulating pre-sprays, reshaping the standards in Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning. Engineered with precision, Kraken boasts a perfectly balanced pH of 7 and an impressively low usage rate of just 15 ml per litre, setting a new benchmark in efficiency and customer satisfaction within the carpet cleaning industry.

Nano-Formulated Excellence: A Game-Changer for VLM Cleaning

In the realm of VLM cleaning, Kraken’s cutting-edge nano-formulation emerges as a game-changer, ensuring optimal penetration and encapsulation of dirt and stains. This groundbreaking technology positions Kraken as a powerful ally for professionals seeking superior cleaning results.

Infused with Greed Premium Deodorizer: Elevating the Customer Experience

At its core, Kraken integrates an infusion of our exclusive Greed premium deodorizer. This not only ensures thorough cleaning but also imparts a delightful fragrance, thereby elevating the overall cleaning experience for your customers. With Kraken, you don’t just clean; you indulge the senses.

Solvent-Free Marvel: Defying Heavily Soiled Challenges

Kraken’s solvent-free formula is a marvel that delivers exceptional results on heavily soiled carpets, all without the need to pre-extract stains. It excels in removing tape residues and works wonders on gum, establishing itself as a versatile solution for various cleaning challenges.

Creating a Protective Barrier: Beyond Cleaning to Prolonged Cleanliness

Kraken transcends the conventional cleaning approach by leaving a protective barrier on carpets after cleaning and sanitizing. In addition to ensuring cleanliness, this feature also protects against re-soiling, offering a prolonged and enhanced result.

Witness the incredible results that Kraken achieves in our promo video. Furthermore, explore detailed results videos for more concrete evidence of its cleaning prowess.

To visually showcase the incredible results that Kraken achieves, explore our promo video and detailed results videos. Moreover, these videos provide tangible proof of Kraken’s prowess in handling diverse cleaning scenarios, from tea and coffee stains to heavily soiled school carpets.

Effortless Application: Directions for Optimal Results

Kraken simplifies the cleaning process with straightforward directions for both pre-spray application and in-tank usage on rotaries or orbitals. This ensures that professionals experience utmost convenience and effectiveness when incorporating Kraken into their cleaning routines.

Rapid Dry Assurance: Quick Satisfaction, Maximum Efficiency

With Kraken, the promise of leaving carpets dry in just 30 minutes stands as a testament to its quick-dry efficiency. This not only ensures customer satisfaction but also showcases Kraken’s commitment to delivering rapid yet thorough cleaning results.

Experience the Kraken Effect: Elevate Your Cleaning Services

Embark on the encapsulation revolution with Kraken – the ultimate choice for professionals seeking top-tier cleaning performance. With Kraken Encapsulating Pre-Spray, redefine your carpet cleaning services, providing customers with an experience that surpasses expectations. Try Kraken today and unlock a new era of encapsulation excellence in your cleaning routine!

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2 reviews for KRAKEN – High Power VLM Pre-Spray

  1. Sean Threlkeld

    Great product and very efficient on carpet tiles. Cleaned 4000m2 in an office with less than 1 5 litre bottle and the results were brilliant.

  2. Simon Wilbraham (verified owner)

    Used Kraken today on some heavily stained carpet tiles in a school (around 400 m2). Halved the time compared to HWE. The carpets were dry in 30 minutes. The facilities manager commented on how well they looked and how they smelled amazing! Very impressed and highly recommend! Can’t wait to use it again.

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