Commercial Vacuum Cleaner – 2 hour runtime

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Powerful commercial grade battery powered vacuum. Wave goodbye to power cords with 2 – 4 Hour runtime!

Save time & money with this innovative cleaner – No more looking for a plug socket or unravelling long power cords!

Perfect for jobs with no power and everyday vacuuming.

This high suction unit removes dirt on carpets and floors extremely fast. Using a self-adjusting high speed turbo brush to dig deep into the surface you are cleaning. Performs the same as a plug in upright.

This unit is available with either 1x 2-hour runtime lithium-ion battery or 2x 2-hour runtime lithium-ion batteries. Change the batteries over in seconds! Battery charging takes only 2.5 hours for a full charge.

Huge 12 Litre Hepa Grade bag capacity.

Comes with 2 Bags, Charger, Spare belt. Weighs only 7.5kg.

All accessories and spares available from bags to brush bars.


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