HARMONY – High Power Acidic Detergent

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Restore the balance!
Harmony is our Woolsafe, acidic carpet cleaning detergent. This flexible product offers amazing value for money and smells fantastic!
With real cleaning power, at pH 4 Harmony is the ideal rinse for use on both residential and commercial jobs.
Perfect for neutralising the High alkalinity of Dragon fire, And even War hammer when salvage cleaning delicates.
Can be used as an in-tank cleaner on delicate items.
This product can also be used as an acidic pre-spray at 30ml per litre to neutralise nasty residues left by powder products or other cleaning solutions.
For a browning treatment, Mix at 100ml per litre and spray to effected area.

Doubled up with Dragonfire or Warhammer, our harmonious synergy method gets incredible results time after time.
See a video of it in action below!

Direction for use:
1:666 Ratio

15mL per 10L when using a Pre-spray
30ml per 10L When not using a Pre-spray

Truck Mount 2-4GPH:
1L per 20L when using a Pre-spray
2L per 20l when not using a Pre-spray

Pre-spray area and bonnet clean at 30-60mL per 10L with shower feed

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13 reviews for HARMONY – High Power Acidic Detergent

  1. Sean Threlkeld

    Best acid rinse / neutraliser I’ve ever used. Smells great and also cleans which was surprising. I use this every day but have also used it on wool rugs as an extractor without spraying first. 10/10

  2. jack.winks.cc

    Extremely low dilution ratios and a great acid rinse. It’s the best value for money rinse available

  3. guybradshaw51 (verified owner)

    Bought a couple of 6 litres of this great smell and results

  4. cutlorsservices

    Great results everyrime

  5. chris

    Used it on many wool carpets. Carpets feel so soft and clean !

  6. xtrafreshcarpet

    With the dilution rates, best acid rinse on the market!

  7. streetmann600

    I enjoy tue results harmony helps me get .like most of njord products very small dilution ratio so money in the bank

  8. james

    Works fantastic with dragon fire or draugr

  9. dylanhowe1998 (verified owner)

    Brilliant acid rinse. Used on synthetic carpets and also on wool when neutralising strong alkaline pre-sprays. Fantastic product!

  10. psivrev

    Quite good in neutralising any diy attempts. A must have tool.

  11. nataliacarpetsheriff.co.uk

    Great product, nice smell, great results

  12. Exceed Cleaning

    Brilliant Acid rinse a must have in the van.

  13. gleamgurus

    Regular use now brill stuff

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