Combat Clean Gun Powder Rinse Detergent



Description: Gun Powder

Enter the frontline of dirt warfare with Combat Clean’s Gun Powder Heavy Duty Rinse Detergent. Developed in the arsenals of deep cleaning combat.

Key Features:

  1. Blast Dirt Defenses: Designed to bombard and weaken deep-set grime fortifications for easier and more effective extraction.
  2. Tactical Carpet Priming: Optimizing the outcome of subsequent cleaning operations.
  3. Versatile Warfare: Formulated to tackle various carpet terrains, from shaggy underfoot jungles to the vast plains of low-pile commercial carpets.
  4. Rapid Deployment Granules: Quickly dissolves, getting ready for action.

Deployment Instructions:

  1. Armory Check: Store in a cool, dry place.
  2. Load and Prep: Mix 1 scoop of powder per 10 liter of hot water, preparing the solution for battle.
  3. Load and Prep Heavy Soiling: Mix 2 scoops of powder per 30 liter of hot water, preparing the solution for battle.
  4. Ground Assault: Spray the prepped solution over targeted carpet areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Safety Protocols:

  1. Secure Arsenal: Store away from unauthorised personnel, children, and pets.
  2. Eye Battlements: Guard against direct contact with eyes.
  3. In Case of Breaches (Contact): Initiate immediate washout maneuvers (rinse thoroughly) and call in medical reinforcements (seek medical attention).

After Action Report:

Armed with Combat Clean’s Gun Powder Heavy Duty Rinse Detergent, you’re not just initiating a cleaning sequence; you’re launching a pre-emptive strike against the resilient enemies of dirt and grime. Rally your cleaning troops, soften the opposition, and prepare for a victorious deep clean sweep.

Accolade:  Scoop Included


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