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Excentr 43 – Carpet & Hard Floor Orbital Machine



Excentr 43 – Orbital Oscillating Machine

The ultimate in Carpet and Hard floor cleaning.

This extremely robust and heavy duty unit brings the next level to low moisture and chemical free cleaning to the UK.

Carpet Cleaning

Achieves the highest level of agitation for carpet cleaning, Touching the fibres from all angles.

The orbital action rotates at  140 rpm, and makes 1,400 rotations of ø 2.2 cm, Shaking the pile and the floor around it. Our advanced pads clean whilst removing  soil from the carpet fibres cleaning in every direction.

Hard Floor Cleaning

The Excentr 43 is extremely effective for deep cleaning hard floors. Its Heavy weight puts down the orbital action onto the dirt. It can also be used with our Special chemical free cleaning pads which need only water for deep cleaning!

Wood Floor cleaning

Because this unit is so effective on hard floors, It is also suitable for Wooden floors. Prepping, Cleaning before sealing and refinishing.


The machine is extremely easy to use, whilst being very comfortable. Hardly any vibration is transmitted through the handle to the operator.

  • All stainless steel manufacture
  • High quality components
  • Large non marking transport wheels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Super soft drive mounting, means no vibration transfer to the operator
  • Super powerful 1 horse power heavy duty drive motor
  • Easy to control, learn to use in minutes
  • Quick release removable tank
  • In built sealed pre-spray pump system
  • Full orbital, and rotary motion system
  • Tough grip drive plate pad holder

    Demo unit available at our head office


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