DRAGON FIRE- High Performance Pre-Spray

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Dragon Fire HIGH PH Pre-Spray

The strongest pre-spray in our range.

Bad end of tenancies. Engineering firms. Workshop oily carpets? Give it the Dragon Fire!

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Works from 60ml per litre. For use when cleaning the heaviest traffic lanes and heavily ground in embedded dirt.
Highly effective on all soil types, Especially strong when used against oil based soiling. Can be used as a spot cleaner for the most stubborn stains.
Works instantly with very little dwell time required. Can be matched up with Berserker high alkaline rinse for UNSTOPPABLE cleaning power.

Make the worst jobs EASY!
This product was designed to melt the worst soiling you will come across as a professional carpet cleaner. Extremely strong at PH 13, This product makes light work of even the most heavily soiled carpets or floors!

Application for use:

Pump-Sprayers: Fill Your Sprayer just over the halfway mark with water, then add 60ml per 1 Litre of water. Fill Sprayer with water. Extremely Heavy Soiling: 120ml per 1 Litre.

Inline Sprayers: Fill your sprayer just over the halfway mark with water, then add 1.5 Litres of chemical. Fill sprayer with water.

Spray Area: Using a liberal amount of product, making overlapping passes. Allow 10-15 minutes Dwell time or Scrub Carpet / Upholstery / Floor. Rinse Extract.

Spot Cleaner: Mix your sprayer at 50% water 50% chemical. 1:1. Spray Area using a conservative amount of product and use a tamping brush to agitate. Remove residue with a white terry towel.

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23 reviews for DRAGON FIRE- High Performance Pre-Spray

  1. Mike

    The best of the best. This does what no other product does. cleans the dirtiest carpets easily. Used the powder products too which other suppliers claim to be ”the same” no where near as good as this!

  2. Plamen

    I had the chance to compare it against 2 different similar products by different suppliers and I was surprised- Dragon Fire really ate through the glue, while the other 2 hardly made a scratch! Highly recommended.

  3. Paul

    Quality prespay very good results

  4. Grant Powell (verified owner)

    Have just started using njord products in advance of attending the course next month. I used dragon fire on a 14 year old heavily used carpet yesterday, after previously trying another brand on the same staircase…. The results were fantastic, that’s after already using something else and giving it a thorough clean prior! Excellent stuff.

  5. Dave Tew (verified owner)

    What can I say. 20 years in the industry and no one has shaken it up like Njord. Products that work, customers making more feedback and positive comments on the results. 10/10 would use again.

  6. guybradshaw51

    Really does eat away the heavy soiled nasty jobs ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️

  7. jack.winks.cc

    Eats through anything, crayon, make up and the filthiest of jobs!

  8. Ocdcarpetcleaningblackpool

    Use this on the worst domestic and commercials. Smashes through everything. So powerful and cost effective

  9. psivrev

    I have tried other solvent spotters, but they are no match to this one. Glue, chewing gum, paint, make up- it will eat it like a shot. Absolutely no idea how they made it so strong.

  10. xtrafreshcarpet

    Great product, hammers the real nasty jobs. Use it mainly as a spotter amazing stuff!

  11. abbeymay1804

    I use this on the real horrible jobs. All have come up great!

  12. cutlorsservices

    It’s breaths fire at stains and there gone defo a go to spotter

  13. kyleoneill43

    Literally the best thing in my arsenal. As a prespray. It tackles literally everything. And as a spotter (Mac lipstick) I did this morning. Made light work of a difficult situation. Absolutely recommend this to anyone in the industry. This is a must have for everyone

  14. inandoutcarpetdoctors

    Dragon fire saves me weekly. I had to use this mainly in bars, restaurants and clubs. I used this to get that extra result after another pre spray just wasn’t that strong enough. It just made light work of it. Latest video we posted is the results

  15. enquiries-8221

    Love this product – black top carpet straight through it no issues. Just eats it like you’ve sprayed a dragon down onto the carpet.

  16. chris

    Used on some
    Mucky takeaway stairs. Me and the customer both blow away at how clean it made them come up. Looked like they had some new carpets fitted!

  17. Wayne @ Xtremeclean (verified owner)

    This powerful solution tackles even the toughest stains with ease, leaving carpets looking and smelling fresh. I was particularly impressed by how effortlessly it managed to remove long-standing dirt and grime that other products couldn’t touch. Not only is it highly effective, but it also works fast, cutting down cleaning time significantly. Its high-performance formula is a game-changer for both professionalcarpet cleaners. If you’re seeking a reliable, efficient solution for deep carpet cleaning, DRAGON FIRE is the way to go. Highly recommended for those who want pristine results without the extra effort!

  18. dylanhowe1998 (verified owner)

    Top quality pre-spray when it comes to heavily soiled areas and traffic lanes. Literally burns through grease and dirty!

  19. james

    The strongest pre spray of the range , works well on oil.

  20. nataliacarpetsheriff.co.uk

    Really gets heavy stains on fire, great result on heavy stained carpets

  21. Exceed Cleaning

    This pre-spray just incinerates deep heavy staining, cracked out for the worst jobs and it never disappoints. its literally a bottle of fire.

  22. thedeepcleanersuk (verified owner)

    Extremely powerful solution. My go to pre spray for all salvage jobs. Gets results on carpets you’d have would have needed replacing

  23. gleamgurus

    Used on my own rug, unreal before and after

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