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Command Freshness: Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear – Deployment Guide

Reconnaissance: Shake Well Before Use

Before launching the offensive against odors, ensure a thorough reconnaissance. Shake the Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear well to activate its powerful odor-neutralizing capabilities.

Engage as Deodorizer: Mix 20ml Per Litre of Water

Prepare for the main assault by mixing 20ml of Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear per litre of water in your solution tank. This powerful concoction is your frontline defense against unwanted odors, ready to engage and neutralize.

Engage as After Spray: Mix 150ml Per Litre of Water

For a strategic after-spray operation, mix 150ml  per litre of water. Execute a light mist over the targeted area to ensure a lasting, refreshing victory against lingering odors.

Maintain Perimeter: Caution in Deployment

Exercise caution during deployment to maintain the perimeter. Avoid direct spray on food, comrades, or foliage to prevent unintended consequences. Your mission is to neutralize odors without collateral damage.

Safety Protocols: Ensure Secure Operations

Prioritize safety with Tactical Cherry Bomb Odour Clear using the following protocols:

  1. Restricted Access: Store away from unauthorized personnel, children, and pets to prevent unintended interactions.
  2. Visual Sensors Caution: Avoid direct contact with visual sensors (eyes) to ensure a secure operation.
  3. Emergency Evacuation: In case of contact, initiate an immediate evacuation (rinse) with abundant water. Call for medevac (seek medical advice) to address any unforeseen circumstances.

After Action Report: Victory for Freshness

You’re not just neutralizing odors; you’re launching a full-scale offensive for freshness. Reinforce your environment, reclaim your space, and report back with a resounding victory against unwanted odors!

Accolades: PH7 – The Perfect Balance

Acknowledging the perfect balance, PH level of 7, ensuring an effective and neutralizing operation without compromising safety. Trust in this accolade as a testament to its superior performance in the battle against odors.


Combat Clean Cherry Bomb Msds

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4 reviews for Cherry Bomb – Odour Clear

  1. cutlorsservices

    Great product great smells like the old school cherry drops

  2. chris

    Amazing scent! The customers love it

  3. james

    Cheap and definitely smells of cherry after


    Love that scent, great product

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