BERSERKER- High Performance Detergent

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Unleash the Power of Berserker High Alkaline Rinse: A Viking Warrior in Your Cleaning Arsenal


Mighty Origins: Channeling the Viking Spirit

Named after the most brutal warriors of the Viking age, Berserker stands as a testament to its formidable cleaning capabilities. Just as the Berserkers fearlessly faced battles, this carpet cleaning detergent fearlessly tackles the toughest cleaning challenges.

Witness the Power: Promo Video and Real Results

Explore the might of Berserker in action through our captivating promo video: Watch Now. For tangible results on nightclub carpets using cold water (skip to 2.08): View Here.

PH 10.5 for Unrelenting Cleaning Power

Berserker, with a robust pH of 10.5, possesses unrelenting cleaning power. It’s designed to deliver incredible results, eliminating the need for pre-spraying, even on extremely heavily soiled and greasy carpets.

Synergistic Cleaning: Supercharge Your Machine

When used alongside any of our carpet cleaning pre-sprays, Berserker acts as a force multiplier, supercharging your machine’s cleaning capabilities. It ensures an efficient and thorough cleaning process, making it suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial cleaning.

Versatile and Effective: Ideal for All Soil Types

Berserker proves highly effective on all soil types, making it a versatile solution for a variety of cleaning scenarios. Its adaptability ensures superior results, whether in homes, offices, or industrial settings.

Engineered for Safety and Low Residue

Featuring pump-protect technology and corrosion inhibitors, Berserker can be safely used at high and low temperatures. When employed at recommended dilution ratios, it leaves low to no residue, ensuring a clean and refreshed carpet surface.

Direction for Use: Tailored for Convenience

Pump Sprayers:

  • 15mL per 10L with a pre-spray
  • 30ml per 10L without a pre-spray

Truck Mount 2-4GPH:

  • 1L per 20L with a pre-spray
  • 2L per 20L without a pre-spray

Elevate your cleaning prowess with Berserker High Alkaline Rinse—the Viking warrior in your cleaning arsenal. Face the toughest cleaning challenges fearlessly and achieve remarkable results with Berserker.

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4 reviews for BERSERKER- High Performance Detergent

  1. John

    The best product! This product cleaned a full pub for me when my sprayer broke halfway through a job. Got me better results without the presprays than my old products got double dose.

  2. Stuart

    This product is amazing! After watching the video on youtube on the nightclub where Oli uses on the enforcer with cold water and no prespray I needed to give it a go. Bought 1 Litre and honestly did exactly what the video showed! Bought 25 Litres that night great products and great team in the office that help!

  3. Alex harper

    Just done a office block using this in my portable with no pre spray after olis advice and seeing the pub video he put YouTube. Cheer mate! Helpped me out so much! Just about to place an order for another 25L, cheers Alex

  4. Plamen

    Berserker is super strong and very economical at the same time, one of my favourites.

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