BALLISTA – High Power Leather Cleaner

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Premium Specialist Leather Cleaner and Conditioner named after the infamous siege weapon, Ballista is our heavy hitting leather cleaner and conditioner.

At pH 7.5 Ballista is delicate enough to use on all types of finished leather and vinyl, yet carries enough cleaning power to remove tough in-ground dirt and staining

Suitable for use neat as a spot treatment or heavy duty cleaner

Ballista leaves treated surfaces supple, fresh and smelling great for weeks.

Application for use:

Use at 1:1 for general cleans or neat for that extra kick.

Simply spray, either onto a cloth or directly onto the area, Lightly brush in and then buff off with a dry white terry towel.


Full instructions for use included on rear label

Download MSDS Sheet

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1 review for BALLISTA – High Power Leather Cleaner

  1. Jack

    Best leather cleaner I’ve used. Can be diluted down too which all the others I’ve had were already watered down. Smells nice too!

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