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Ballista Leather Cleaner: A Leather Care Powerhouse

Unlock the potential of your leather surfaces with Ballista, our premium specialist leather cleaner and conditioner inspired by the infamous siege weapon. With a balanced pH of 7.5, Ballista strikes a perfect equilibrium—gentle enough for all types of finished leather and vinyl, yet robust enough to combat tough, in-ground dirt and staining.

Versatile Application for Maximum Impact

Ballista stands out as a heavy-duty cleaner that offers versatility in its application. It can be used at a 1:1 dilution for general cleans or applied neat for an extra kick when dealing with stubborn grime.

Suppleness and Lasting Freshness

Experience the transformation of your leather surfaces as Ballista not only cleans but also conditions, leaving them supple, fresh, and fragrant for weeks. The delicate touch of Ballista ensures that treated surfaces not only look revitalized but also retain their natural feel.

Effortless Application for Stellar Results

Applying Ballista is a breeze. Simply spray it onto a cloth or directly onto the leather area, lightly brush in, and then buff off with a dry white terry towel. This user-friendly process ensures that you can achieve stellar cleaning results without any hassle.

Caution: Not for Aniline, Suede, or Rawhide

While Ballista excels on various leather and vinyl surfaces, it’s crucial to note that it is not suitable for use on aniline, suede, or rawhide. This precaution ensures that you can confidently apply Ballista to compatible surfaces, knowing it will deliver outstanding results.

Comprehensive Instructions for Seamless Usage

To guide you through the optimal use of Ballista, detailed instructions are included on the rear label. These instructions provide clear, step-by-step guidance to ensure you make the most out of this premium leather cleaner and conditioner.

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11 reviews for BALLISTA – High Power Leather Cleaner

  1. Jack

    Best leather cleaner I’ve used. Can be diluted down too which all the others I’ve had were already watered down. Smells nice too!

  2. daniel.r.u

    Great product and saves a lot of time rather then cleaning then conditioning, smells great! You cannot beat Njord chemicals!

  3. xtrafreshcarpet

    Got in a sample pack and started using for car detailing on the leather seats and hard plastics, great versatile product, purchased another a soon as it ran out and now saves me using 2/3 other products instead! Highly recommend.

  4. cutlorsservices

    Bottle of liquid magic. Brings leather and plastics back to life. Even use it on my trainers!! 😀


    Ballista is actually magic, leather cleaning is a big money maker when you have ballista in hand.

  6. chris

    Very quick, powerfull makes the leather sofas come up brand new. Makes them feel very soft, the customers will be thrilled to bits

  7. james

    Works very well on those leather sofas customers always astonished at the results

  8. dylanhowe1998

    Fantastic product for restoring leather upholstery!

  9. psivrev

    Smells and cleans great, customers are impressed.

  10. Exceed Cleaning

    Works literal Magic on Leather Sofas!


    Excellent product for leather smells so good.

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