ASGARD – Woolsafe, Advanced Fabric Stain Guard

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WOOLSAFE Advanced hydrophobic protection. Repels liquid spills and dry soiling.

See it in action! Video 1 on multiple textiles

See it in action! Video 2 on cotton fabric

How to apply Video

This product utilises the most advanced hybrid ceramic chemistry, Bringing a level of protection you can really demonstrate and sell to your customers.
Works on both Natural and Synthetic fibres.
Can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces.

Simply mist on: Using a Misting sprayer to leave an even coating and brush in both north to south, then east to west.

Works in a similar fashion to a ceramic protector for plastics and paintwork.
It creates a nano, hydrophobic bond to the fibre. This repels dirt, stains and liquids.
Imagine being able to sell a protector to your customer, That sells itself! If they spill a glass of wine onto their sofa it will simply roll off onto their protected carpet, and can be mopped up with just a towel!
It also makes cleaning upholstery and carpets much, much easier on your next visit!

Top Tip – Sell a protection package and give your customer a diluted spray bottle to top up any heavy traffic areas.

Curing times can be between 30 minutes and 24 hours depending on the Fibre. Cured once fully dry.

Recommended Dilutions:

Neat – Up to 12 Months

1:1 – Up to 6-12 Months


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11 reviews for ASGARD – Woolsafe, Advanced Fabric Stain Guard

  1. Frasier Bagley

    This product really is the next generation. I sprayed the Free sample onto a carpet sample and showed it to my customers. Sold a full 5 litres worth on my first job. Amazing thanks Becky

  2. Anonymous

    Best protector I’ve used in 30 years of cleaning

  3. Plamen

    Great stuff, really impressed.

  4. guybradshaw51 (verified owner)

    Really amazing results with this protector on my commercial upholstery jobs


    Safe to apply, absolutely insane product that works perfectly! I use it on my trainers aswell. This product can make you alot of money and that’s what it’s all about

  6. cutlorsservices

    This stuff is a license to print money!! The upsell on this product is amazing! Always get my sprayed bit of carpet covered in Asgard out the van after cleaning and show the customer and they can’t believe there eyes.

  7. chris

    Used many protectors over the years. But not one of them has repelled water like this one! You can use it to upsell on jobs and double or triple your income.

  8. dylanhowe1998 (verified owner)

    Best stain protector on the market which is also wool safe. Liquids literally roll off any fabric when applied and dried. Quality product!

  9. james

    The best protection money can buy

  10. Exceed Cleaning

    a great upsell! and a brilliant protector.


    Best stain protector I ever had. Great quality

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