AFTERMATH – Advanced Alkaline Rinse

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Aftermath is the cutting edge of carpet cleaning chemistry.
Cleans whilst helping to protect against re-soiling.

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Aftermath carpet cleaning detergent is an advanced product leaves behind our next generation stain protection after cleaning. Infused with avarice premium deodoriser.
Perfect for residential cleaning – where you want to protect your customers investment.

Works alongside our wool safe pre-sprays, Getting you unbelievable results. As a flexible product, at 15ml per 10 litres this carpet cleaning solution stands at PH8. Boost to 30ml Per 10 litres when you want to do without pre-spraying and increase the power up to PH 10.5.
For extra cleaning power, this product can be boosted up to 60ml per 10 litres, yet still remain safe on wool carpets and stain protectors.

Ideal for protecting and maximising the lifetime of your customers carpets and upholstery.

Direction for use:

1:666 Ratio

15mL per 10L when using a Pre-spray
30ml per 10L When not using a Pre-spray

Truck Mount 2-4GPH:
1L per 20L when using a Pre-spray
2L per 20l when not using a Pre-spray

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2 reviews for AFTERMATH – Advanced Alkaline Rinse

  1. Gigsy

    I was using a rinse which was 250ml per tank, this one is One syringe 60ml per tank and cleans much better. Plus it has stain protection. The old product used to cost me £25 when I first tried It I didn’t believe it would work at such low dilution compared to others. I now buy 25 litres and this is saving me thousands a year in chemicals. Customer service is amazing too can’t do enough to help you

  2. Plamen

    A great product, especially having in mind, that it is woolsafe.

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