Advanced Generation Wand

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Our custom made advanced generation carpet cleaning wand.
For the highest performance in the smallest package.
We have taken simplicity to the highest level by creating our own advanced version of the industry standard 2 jet wand.

High airflow mouth over twice the size as the industry standard.
Ergonomically designed over-sized handle for extra comfort and control for operators of all sizes.
Advanced composite glide utilising next generation materials to give longevity and lower friction than PTFE Teflon.
Thicker steel for longevity and rigidity.
Hi-Flow steel braided solution hose for maximum flushing and operator protection against burns.

Hear the power difference INSTANTLY when you connect this to your machine and FEEL the raw performance when it meets the carpet.

Demo units available to try on YOUR machine at our head office.

2 reviews for Advanced Generation Wand

  1. Aaron fisher

    This wand is far superior to my old one. Everything from the handle to the glide is sheer quality. The power, Wow makes my Storm pull the carpet up and fluffs the pile again. Customers are telling me its dry much faster than last time I did it. Great investment thanks Oly

  2. Sebastian McCluskey

    Superb, glids like a dream. Absolute porsh compare to ordinary 1.5″ wands you get when buying first machine. Very well solid build

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