10 Litre Decanting Bottle

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10 Litre Decanting Bottle 

Discover the practicality and efficiency of our 10 Litre Decanting Bottle – a versatile tool designed for use with sprayers or for the seamless decanting of 25L bottles. This robust container with a secure lid is crafted to meet the demands of professionals who prioritize convenience and adaptability in their cleaning or spraying tasks.

10 Litre Decanting Bottle Generous Capacity for Extended Jobs

With a substantial 10-liter capacity, this bottle ensures you have ample spare solution on the job, eliminating the need for frequent refills. Its large size is a game-changer, providing professionals the flexibility to handle various cleaning tasks without interruption.

Electric Spray System Compatibility

Tailored for electric spray systems, our 10 Litre Decanting Bottle facilitates a quick and effortless switch between chemicals, enhancing your workflow and allowing you to adapt to different cleaning requirements on the fly. Ideal for professionals dealing with multiple cleaning solutions during their tasks.

Efficient Decanting for Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to cumbersome decanting processes. This bottle’s design makes decanting from 25L containers a breeze, streamlining your operations and saving precious time. The secure lid ensures safe storage, minimizing the risk of spills or leaks during transportation or storage.

Sturdy Construction for Reliability

Constructed with durability in mind, this 10L bottle is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. The secure lid adds an extra layer of reliability, making it a dependable choice for professionals who demand robust equipment.

On-the-Go Convenience with a Handle 

Designed with on-the-go professionals in mind, this bottle comes equipped with a convenient handle for easy carrying. Whether you’re in the field of cleaning, pest control, gardening, or any industry requiring precise liquid dispensing.

In conclusion, our Empty 10L Bottle with Lid is more than just a container – it’s a practical and reliable tool that enhances your workflow. Elevate your efficiency, minimize downtime, and choose convenience for your liquid storage and dispensing needs. Choose quality, choose versatility

4 reviews for 10 Litre Decanting Bottle

  1. chris

    Absolutely brilliant if you have bought 25l drums. Just the right amount to fill to take in your van

  2. Exceed Cleaning

    We use these to mix our pre sprays in on the go in the van. perfect size.

  3. nataliacarpetsheriff.co.uk

    Great to have it on the van for the smaller amount of solvent

  4. cutlorsservices

    Much better better than lugging 25ltrs around defo a must buy

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