Job Guide – Wool – Heavily Soiled Area Grease / Pet Oils

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Please note when dealing with grease, Multiple applications and Scrubbing may be required to emulsify before extraction.

  1. Thoroughly Pre-vacuum area.
  2. Mix Valhalla Pre-spray at 250ml per litre.
  3. Apply a heavy amount of pre-spray to the carpet using overlapping passes.
  4. Allow Pre-spray to sit on carpet for 15 minutes. During this time the product will break down soils and deodorise the carpet.
  5. Once dwell time is complete use mechanical scrubbing methods to thoroughly scrub the carpet.
  6. Rinse extract the chemical using Aftermath alkaline rinse, This should be mixed at 30ml per 10 litres in your clean water tank.
  7. Make slow passes using your carpet cleaning wand and for every wet pass make sure you follow up with at least 2 dry passes. Ensure these passes are all uniform and no zig zagging occurs as uneven pile / Sharks teeth can set permanently into wool carpets and be extremely difficult to remove.
  8. If any stains remain these can be spotted using a suitable Spot cleaning product. Please see spotting guide for help.
  9. Valhalla does a great job of deodorising wool when wet and removing the smell, however additional premium deodoriser can be added to your rinse tank or alternatively sprayed lightly at the end.


250 ML Per Litre

In tank

30 ML Per 10 Litres

Page Contents

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