Job Guide – Synthetic – Urine Contamination

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Please note this method is to neutralise urine in the carpets. This will work on a molecular level – However some odour may still be present from the underlay or other items in the room.

  • Thoroughly Pre-vacuum area.
  • Mix Invader Pre-spray at 250ml per litre.
  • Apply a heavy amount of pre-spray to the carpet using overlapping passes.
  • Allow Pre-spray to sit on carpet for 15 minutes. During this time the product will break down urine and deodorise the carpet.
  • Once dwell time is complete use manual or mechanical scrubbing methods to thoroughly scrub the carpet.
  • Rinse extract the chemical using Berserker High alkaline rinse, This should be mixed at 15ml per 10 litres in your clean water tank.
  • Make slow passes using your cleaning wand and for every wet pass make sure you follow up with at least 2 dry passes. On Polypropylene and Polyester carpets zig zagging and sharks teeth will not permanently disrupt the pile, however for a professional finish leave in a uniform condition.
  • If any stains remain you can re-apply Invader to brighten the area affected and leave in. You may want to use a water claw to flush out heavily contaminated areas. Invader will deodorise.
  • If the customer wants to limit any further contamination: Apply Asgard Next generation protection at 1-1 for a long lasting dirt and hydrophobic barrier. This can be done wet or dry.


250ML Per Litre

In tank

15ML Per 10 Litres


1 Litre Per 1 Litres

Page Contents

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