Job Guide – Synthetic – Slime in bedroom

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Please note this is a salvage method as mineral solvents could cause delamination to synthetic carpets – or remove glued down tufts.

  1. Use sand paper or a knife to gently abrade / score the surface of the stain. Take extra care not to do this to the carpet – Only the solids.
  2. Apply Solvent Spotter Via a spray trigger or white cotton terry towel and emulsify the stain.
  3. Slime will break down and gradually transfer into the towel, Bit by bit.
  4. Steps 2-3 may need repeating untill stain has been completely emulsified.
  5. Rinse extract the chemical using Berserker High alkaline rinse, This should be mixed at 30ml per 10 litres in your clean water tank.
  6. Make slow passes using your cleaning wand and for every wet pass make sure you follow up with at least 2 dry passes. On Polypropylene and Polyester carpets zig zagging and sharks teeth will not permanently disrupt the pile, however for a professional finish leave in a uniform condition.
  7. If the customer wants to make future occurrences easier to remove: Apply Asgard Next generation protection at 1-1 for a long lasting dirt and hydrophobic barrier. This can be done wet or dry.


Use Neat

In tank

30ML Per 10 Litres


1 Litre Per 1 Litres

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