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I’m Oli Farrey, Owner of NJORD Chemicals, And thank you for buying my book. Having started my own carpet cleaning company in 2017, I found much of the information in our industry was under lock and key, and no one wanted to share it! My goal was to provide better chemicals and support than what was available to me, And share all of my knowledge to anyone who needed it. Providing professional information that helps you get better results, and more recommendations whilst staying inline with methods that will not damage your customers carpet and cause you a headache! I hope you like my book, and I hope it helps you grow your business into the carpet cleaning company of your dreams. Here you will find advanced information that has been simplified into picture form, and my guide to getting more jobs and bookings when speaking to customers over the phone.

** The information in this book has either been supplied by our customers on real world jobs or by my own carpet cleaning business Fresh Fibers UK . Please note, All chemicals should ALWAYS be tested first in an inconspicuous area. This book is intended for professionals only, Not DIY or Amateurs and is no substitute for professional training The information provided in this book is as a guide only. Always follow the labels when using Njord Products. Myself or Njord chemicals or Fresh Fibers UK will not take any liability in any instances of damage caused by the incorrect usage or application of our products.**

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